Signature of the Week Rules

  1. Signatures entered must be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall (600x300). No exceptions.
  2. Your submission must be in one of the following formats: JPG (or JPEG), GIF or PNG.
    The PNG format is most preferable, as it retains full quality, while the GIF format is usually the least attractive.
  3. Please upload your entry to a reliable image host (we recommend Photobucket or Imageshack). If your entry appears broken on the day of judging, it won't be counted. When uploading your entry to Imageshack, please use the "Direct Link" URL and BBCode on the forums to display the image.
  4. Plagiarism of signatures will not be tolerated. If you have worked with someone on your sig, you must first get permission to enter it. If your sig wins, both names will appear on the trophy.
  5. Themed SOTW competitions occur every so often. Some past themes have included Star Trek, Anime, Christmas and holiday themes, etc. Each entry posted during a themed week must follow the guidelines of the theme.
  6. All SOTW entries should be posted before approximately 12:00am (midnight) RSBANDB Time (UTC-7) on Saturday mornings, when the entry thread is locked. This is only a rough guideline, so any signatures entered after midnight but before the thread is locked will still be included in the judging. The voting process will take place during the following week, and the winner will be announced in a separate topic, at the same time the entry thread for the week after is posted.
  7. You can only submit one entry a week. Once you submit your one entry, you won't be allowed to change it or edit your post.
    If you have mistakenly entered something (for example, a broken link, or if you've just noticed that your signature is over the size limit), report your entry and it will be edited ASAP.
  8. Animation may only be used if specified by the SOTW leader. If unspecified, assume that it is not allowed.
  9. Signatures can only be entered into one SOTW.
  10. You must post the signature you are entering in the message body.
  11. If the signature you are entering has a black border, or any other coloured border that cannot be seen properly against the black forum background, and you would like it to be taken into account, please post the signature within [quote] tags. If you do not, the signature will be voted on against only the usual black background and users may be unaware of the border's existence.
  12. Signatures which are "effortless in design" or have been entered "jokingly" will be disqualified.
    Aspects which may constitute disqualification are lack of detail, a lack of any background, a "text-only" signature or poorly drawn stick figures.
    Signatures made by those with less experience, as well as simple or humorous signatures, as always, are allowed if we can see you've put effort into it.
  13. The SOTW entry threads are for entries only. Please leave your comments in the SOTW Comment Thread or the voting/winner threads.

Please remember that all forum rules also apply to SOTW entries, and any signature in breach of the rules will be disqualified.

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